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Q: That would ruin the fun

There’s no fun in not being told what you want to know ;)

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Q: I want to know

Should come off anonymous and I’ll tell you whatever :)

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Q: What are they like?

I’m sure nobody wants to hear about some person I like, haha.. the whole thing doesn’t even matter anyway, I don’t have a chance.

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Q: So you like someone?


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Q: Do you fancy anyone right now

I ‘fancy’ loads of people, who doesn’t? But in the way that you’re asking, eh, I guess..

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Q: if you were a fruit you'd be fineapple.

That was good, well done on that one!  (Thank you for the slight compliment in there too)

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Q: You're perfect

You wouldn’t say that if you knew me or saw me properly, but thank you anyway :)

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Q: Can you post a selfie please

Why would you want me to do that??

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I always end up liking someone who doesn’t want to be mine